HERBEX (Liquid)

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Many of the ancient texts, the old Testament, the Quran, Buddhist and Ayurvedic writings and Egyptian Hieroglyphics mention the therapeutic properties of plants.  The compendium of charaka and sushrutha list them extensively.

These plants have antifungal, antibacterials & antiviral activities.  Some of them are immunostimulants and growth promoters.  Others act as antioxidants, digestive stimulants and colouring agents.

In the animals, scientifically formulated herbal nutritional & healthcare supplements improve performance.

HERBEX is a formulation made from extracts of unique, time tested and proven herbs & spices.  These phytomolecules are selected for their hepatoprotective & hepatostimulant properties.  They protect the liver from toxins, stimulate liver & pancreas to secrete juices, regulate gut, improve digestion, prevent liver damages and enhance immunity.

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  1 Liter & 5 Liters Polycontainers.