Biotechnology is the use of living organisms to make or modify products, plants and animals, or to develop micro-organisms for specific purposes. It is also about the use of micro-organisms as catalytic agents to produce useful materials or act in industrial processes.

Zeus Biotech Limited Invents and Innovates Biotechnologically derived Life Regulators.
Many Firsts to our credit
Zeus Biotech produced the world's FIRST feed specific synergistically acting enzyme supplement POLYZYME from a single substrate in the year 1991 by Solid State Fermentation (SSF).
In the year 1994, Zeus Biotech introduced the world's first broiler specific probiotics enzyme feed supplement BROZYME, produced by fermentation of five new generation bacillus culture on a single substrate.
During the last decade, Zeus Biotech and its associate companies have brought out many innovative, 'all natural' feed supplements. They include double strain live yeast cultures fermented on the herbal-grain mash, specifically for monogastric animals and ruminants; herbo-mineral complexes for optimum egg production; organically bound micro-mineral complexes for all animals; yeast nucleotides and phosphorylated yeast mannuglucan oligosaccharides.
Production Units
Two production units in Mysore with a Laboratory of International Standards, Zeus Biotech and its associates produce all natural world class nutritional and healthcare supplements for poultry, dairy, cattle, camels, goats, sheep, aquaculture and other animals.